Getting to know Buttim

BUTTİM Bursa is the 4th largest city of Turkey with its population and the south-east of the Sea of ​​Marmara among the 40-degree longitude and 28-30 degree latitude apartments in which the International Textile and Trade Center is located.

BUTTİM The official opening of the International Textile and Trade Center is on 18.09.1996. Our Trade Center has a land area of ​​212,241 m2. It has been constructed as 265.000 m2 closed area on 53.026 m2 land.

There are 98 independent bureaus in the Plaza building, 1579 business places in the bazaar building, 25 separate tea stalls and 6 lecture rooms, a tailor, a barber, etc., belonging to the executive. In addition, there are 55 warehouses in different m2 (50m2 to 160m2) that are only rented to the residents in the BUTTİM Administration as there are two independent buildings and Cultural Centers in front of the plaza building. trial

BUTTİM Trade Center has facilities for tea stoves, barbershops, lounges, transportation companies, cargo companies, washing lubrication unit, food and food units, hobby gardens, warehouses and also İş Bank branches and ATMs to meet the daily necessities of the residents within the BUTTİM .